Wine Gallery NFT, A company of wine and art NFT

Wine Gallery NFT

When art & wine become one

Wine lovers do drink wine, some of them collect rare bottles, but once gone, there are only memories left.

With Wine Gallery NFT™️, wine can become eternal thanks to a cryptographic access code awarded to the owner, allowing to extend reality and invest in the future.

Why not seize the opportunity to combine a unique collectible piece of art with associated certified wine(s). NFTs (Non-Fungible-Tokens) are the perfect way to translate a very real bottle of wine or piece of art into one-of-a-kind digital assets.

With the Wine Gallery NFT™️, you will have the ability to purchase rare and prestigious wines or wine packages secured through a smart contract, hence becoming the virtual owner of a prestigious bottle or collection of wines, as well as their associated virtual pieces of art.

You can keep it all virtual, hence own your virtual cellar and art collection and not need to worry about storage and associated costs, or trade (exchange or sell) the objects, or as it relates to the wine, simply redeem the bottle(s) and have it sent to you for enjoyment in reality.

The cryptocurrency required to buy such NFTs is Etherum. A smart contract is signed between Wine Gallery NFT and the buyer, ensuring smooth transactions.

Wine Gallery NFT™️ is a startup collaborating with some of the most esteemed wine makers and guarantees pristine, top provenance wines. The art is certified by Cuturi Gallery©️ , an international art gallery based in Singapore and part of the profit will go to the Singapore Cancer Society.

How to get started


Download Opensea app to access to the market place


Download metamask wallet and change currency to ETH


Link your Opensea account with your wallet


You are ready to purchase NFTS

Check the Instagram page to see the wine lots to purchase

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